Manassas Goodwill Store & Donation Center Interior Renovation

Goodwill Industries

Manassas Virginia

The temporary closure of the Goodwill Store & Donation Center in Manassas, Virginia for interior renovation in 2013 gave May Residential the time it needed to give the 20 year old space a much needed face lift. The donation center remained open throughout the renovation process and Goodwill Representatives and May Residential Team Members met weekly to coordinate the renovation project and to get the center reopened as quickly as possible.

The result of this collaborative effort was an amazingly transformed 9000 square foot retail space with new retail store front windows, a completely new interior, and a space now completely protected by a new fire sprinkler system. May Residential team members worked in collaboration with Goodwill Representatives in order to efficiently perform the interior renovation of the space while allowing Goodwill to maintain its Donation Center Operations.

Goodwill Store & Donation Center
8014 Sudley Road
Manassas, Virginia 20109

Project Summary

Short Description: Interior Renovation
Square Footage: 9000
Duration: 40 Days
Trades Used: Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall, Flooring, Fire Safety (Sprinkler)

About May Residential Commercial Interior Renovations

Commercial interior renovation and construction requires existing conditions & needs analysis, product selection, production scheduling, and budget constraint solutions experience. Team Regal has the experience to make your office renovation priorities a reality. Likewise, years of providing solutions for professionally managed properties, makes us an ideal choice for owner occupied and tenant lessee renovation projects.

Attractive, safe, and well-thought out office plans maximize employee health and energy levels. During an interior renovation project, we can facilitate best use practices. The unit can be restored with green materials and methods, which can lower energy consumption, provide tax credit, and take advantage of existing energy efficiency rebates. Additionally, attractive office areas have been shown to improve productivity and morale of employees.

A 2009 Michigan State University study called Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Occupant Well-being and Productivity in LEED Offices, which analyzed the effects of buildings with higher ratings on the LEED scale (a measure of how green a building is), found that employees missed less work, had fewer allergic reactions caused by out of date construction materials, and increased overall productivity.

The following trades can be included in your typical unit remodel, and each of them have proven ROI if correctly executed.

  • HVAC
  • Floor coverings; Carpet, Vinyl, LVT, Hardwood, Tile, and decorative concrete
  • Paint an underestimated tool which can really brighten up an office unit
  • Window replacement for security or aesthetics
  • Lighting solutions for energy efficiency quotas
  • Electrical panel replacement to full re-wire
  • Building technology, including new data network hubs and cabling

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January 13, 2013