There are countless reasons to update your home. It could be for recreational or aesthetic reasons, or it could be something you decide on as things begin to show signs of wear. Regardless of the reason, May Residential, L.L.C. is here to offer you premier luxury home renovations from the Mid-Atlantic to south Florida that breathe new life into your sprawling estate or elegant waterfront property. There are many factors and decisions that go into a home renovation, but we are here to help you realize your vision of elegance and luxury.

Join us as we examine the planning stages, and the potential value that a renovation of your luxury home can provide you. Whether you plan to sell, or reinvigorate your living space, May Residential, L.L.C.  is here with forty years of real estate experience constructing amazing spaces.

What Value Do Luxury Renovations Add to the Home?

When planning your upscale home renovation, it is reasonable to assume that if you decide to sell, you won’t recoup all of the money you spent on the renovations. However, you can recoup a large amount of it, making the choice an easy one as you can enjoy the new additions while still adding value to your home. Here are some examples of luxury renovation projects, and what level of value they add according to Hanley-Wood’s Remodeling Cost v. Value Report.

Kitchen  A major remodel here consisting of 30 linear feet of cherry cabinets, stone counters, a tiled backsplash, cork floors, high-end appliances, designer faucets, and a water filtration system can offer a payback of 60% when selling the home.

Bathroom Addition  A typical addition of a 100-square-foot bathroom with a frameless glass shower stall, tiled walls, a whirlpool tub, stone counters, and heated floors can recoup up to 53% of costs when selling the home.

A Full Bathroom Remodel  Taking a smaller bathroom and remodeling it into a 100-square-foot master bathroom including the features above can save you significant costs by adding to currently existing space and offers a 57% payback.

A Grand Entrance  With a payback of 65%, taking out a standard entryway and adding in a fiberglass door with sidelights and decorative glass can create a larger and more spacious entrance that sets the bar high for the rest of your home.

Replacing Windows  This often forgotten renovation can recoup up to 73% of your costs. It offers an opportunity to improve the security and insulation of the home.

Master Suite Addition  An example would be a 32-foot by 22-foot master suite that will bring back over half the costs if you decide to sell. This statistics assumes the suite includes amenities like a wet bar, a stone-faced fireplace, a walk-in shower, and French doors leading to the exterior.

May Residential, L.L.C. is Your Best Choice for Premier Luxury Home Renovations!

Planning For Your Luxury Renovations

The best renovations are the ones that provide enjoyment and value long after they’ve been completed. Our designs at VCM Builders have proven to combine both value and luxury into renovations that consistently exceed expectations. When planning your renovations, consider these pieces of advice that will ultimately make the experience that much more enjoyable for you and your family.

1. Seek Inspiration

Ideas for your renovation can come from a number of sources. You can visit the VCM Builders website to see some of the projects we’ve completed in the past, or you can visit other homes in your neighborhood and speak with friends and neighbors who have done renovations themselves. Research is a key tactic, seeking out trends and concepts are something that we can help you with here, in addition to providing our own insight.

2. Bring The Family Into the Discussion

If you live with a spouse or children, consider their input and ideas in the planning stages of your renovation. Consider the elements of the home and which ones you would like to change, and find changes that you agree upon. Creating a cohesive concept of what you wish to accomplish will make your meeting with our design team smooth and place everyone on the same page of the renovation goals.

3. Work Exclusively with a Reputable Builder

When choosing a business partner for your luxury home renovations, choose May Residential, L.L.C.  Our experience and expertise are unmatched. We have been providing owner’s with the most luxurious properties, homes, and condominiums they have ever dreamed of.  For forty years and counting, this has been our passion and our focus. We pride ourselves in exceeding the expectations of our clients, going above and beyond to truly push the envelope in everything that we do.

With a team of motivated and talented individuals, May Residential, L.L.C. is the only choice for all of your luxury renovation needs. Our team will work with you to take your sprawling estate and bring it forward into the modern era with all the improvements you desire and more.

Premier Luxury Home Renovations by May Residential, L.L.C.

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